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Adult Minor Head Injury CPI

Clinical scenario

Every year approximately 2 million people in the UK sustain a head injury. For many years there has controversy over the investigation and management of these patients. Since the advent of the NICE guidance and increased availability of CT scanning, there has been a dramatic reduction in the number of skull Xrays requested.

Audit question

Are adult minor head injury patients managed appropriately according to best practice (NICE) guidelines?


Retrospective audit 50 consecutive Emergency Department patient records

Inclusions: 50 adults coded as minor head injury

Exclusions: Exclude patients presenting GCS <15


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Date Patients Measured Results Standard Regional avg.
01st December 2012 Patients with minor head injury as their primary diagnosis Management according to the criteria Documented evidence of GCS 100 % 76 %
Documented evidence of presence or absence of history of loss of consciousness, amnesia and vomiting (all three required). 100 % 64 %
Documented evidence of assessment of bleeding risk (use of anticoagulation etc). 100 % 24 %
Documented mechanism of injury 100 % 100 %
Documented evidence of receiving head injury advice on discharge 100 % 84 %



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