Major Assessment Unit
SE/C02/071: Billy Larfe
Man on bed
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An hour and a bit later (it\'s a busy day) Courtney Lovely, the StR 1 trainee, calls Billy through to a consulting room.

Billy explains what happened to him and says that he is really feeling bad now. He says that the grazes are the least of his worries - the worst thing is that the pain killers haven\'t worked for his broken ribs and this is beginning to kake him feel faint.

Courtney examines him and finds some minimal tenderness over the left ribs laterally with normal breath sounds. he is tender in the upper abdomen generally but has no rebound, guarding or rigidity.

She arranges for Billy to be put in an examination gown and to be placed on a trolley. She discusses the case with Chris Corona, the duty Registrar.