Major Assessment Unit
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Case No. Title Age Presentation
SE/BB/0620 Chester Wheeze 24 acute asthma
SE/BB/0482 Doug Smuggles 26 abdominal pain
SE/B06/003 In and out but should you shake it all about? 72 Fall onto right arm
SE/B06/009 It was like that when I found it! 25 Neck pain post trauma
SE/C04/102 Daniel Rip 78 Nose Bleed
SE/B06/19 Low in so many ways! 63 Anorexia and vomiting
SE/B06/029 Is it right? 58 Chest Pain
se/b07/14 Eye Eye 24 Assault with punch to the face
SE/C02/071 Billy Larfe 34 Fall from bicycle