SE/B06/026: Record pH?
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Your initial management consists of intubation/ventilation.

Blood is coming out of all the wounds. These are closed to facilitate tamponade using a hand needle and mattress sutures.

Help is called from the cardiothoracic, general surgical and critical care teams.

Fluids are given via a level 1 warmer.
In the resus room 3 units of O negative blood and 3 units of Gelofusine are given.

At this point you have a peripheral blood pressure of 110/70 and a pulse of 70. You place a central line and get the following mixed venous gases

pH 6.589
pCO2 - 10.4
pO2 - 11.8
Hb - 9.7
K - 5.1
Na - 145
Gl - 4.7
Lac - 21
BXS -26.6
HCO3 - 4.2

Central venous pressure is measured at 12 mmHg.