please choose a case from the department
Case No. Title Age Presentation
SE/BB/0687 Jackie Bets 2mths cardiac arrest
SE/BB/0087 Colin Lapse 24 headache
SE/E06/021 Atric Barry 42 Crush injury
SE/B06/002 Mind the gap....Which gap???? 3 Collapse.
SE/B06/011 6 of one, half a dozen of the other! 48 Upper GI Bleed
SE/B06/021 How low can you go 19 DKA
SE/B06/026 Record pH? 45 Gunshot wound to chest
SE/B06/031 What's left? 52 Stabbed in the abdomen
SE/B06/028 Keep looking 25 Motorcycle accident
se/b06/040 bang bang bang 28 GSW
SE/B06/038 red or brown meat? 42 stabbing to chest
SE/B07/01 Where's the bullet??? 32 GSW to chest
SE/B07/04 Hitchhikers motto 21 Headache and collapse
se/b07/11 A cereal case? 34 Shortness of Breath
se/b07/13 Well would you stay still? 18 Stabbed in the neck
se/b07/017 IM or IV 24 Rash and wheeze
SE/B08/002 Andrew Rhysm 52 Back pain