A shift in the Minor Injuries Unit
SE/C02/913: Elbow Dislocation
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What is the management?
• Reduction with analgesia (morphine / entonox)

o place the patient in a prone position with the affected elbow flexed at 90° and the humerus supported by the table. The hand of the affected arm should be pointing toward the ground. Apply downward traction to the forearm, which is held in slight pronation, while using the other hand to grasp the humerus and apply pressure to the olecranon in a downward motion to facilitate reduction.

o OR place the patient lying supine with the arm extended to the side in slight flexion. An assistant applies traction to the humerus toward the patient's body, while a second individual applies in-line traction to the forearm, the latter of which is held slightly flexed and supinated to facilitate reduction.

• Re-examine pulses and sensation post, reduction
• Back slab with arm in 90 degrees flexion and BAS
OR Collar and cuff
• Post reduction x-ray
• Fracture Clinic appointment / physio
• Discharge with analgesia

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