A shift in the Minor Injuries Unit
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Case No. Title Age Presentation
SE/C02/902 Swollen Clavicle 2 Refusing to use arm
SE/N01/021 Jim Upndown 5 Refuses to walk, but can run
SE/N01/022 Silvia Ash 36 Cut foot
SE/N01/011 Lat Eral 25 Unable to weight bear
SE/C02/907 Knee Pain 35 Unable to weight bear
SE/C02/908 Hockey Injury 43 Smashed left hand
SE/C02/910 Unlucky break 58 Swollen Ankle
SE/C02/911 Painful Elbow 22 Unable to change gear
SE/C02/912 Toe injury 20 Stubbed toe
SE/C02/913 Elbow Dislocation 25 Hyperextention to right elbow
SE/C02/914 Hand Injury 23 Fallen onto right hand
SE/C02/915 Battle Sign 32 Head Injury
SE/C02/916 Diamond are forever 42 Unable to remove ring
SE/C02/917 Abscess 17 Painful Spot
SE/C02/918 Bunion 75 Stubbed toe
SE/C02/906 Rolls-Royce 23 Crushed foot