Children's Unit
please choose a case from the department
Case No. Title Age Presentation
SE/BB/0686 Matty Boye 7 high temperature
SE/BB/0123 Sally Small 2 Limb injury
SE/BB/0530 Curly Lips 7 Lip laceration
SE/BB/0514 Brad Cough 4 GP Referral for cough and fever
SE/B06/005 Lumps! 6 Groin lump
SF/E01/051 Joshua Trie 4 unwell with rash
SE/B05/008 Twist and Cry??? 1 Not moving right arm
SE/B06/004 Flishy Flashy 8 Headache
SE/B06/013 POP or not? 2 fall down stairs
SE/B06/017 Sweeten the swelling 7 paraphimosis
SE/B07/03 Pain in the eye 12 eye pain
se/b07/07 Leave it or not? 4 Foreign body in nose
se/b07/08 buzzin batteries 2 Swallowed batteries
se/b07/10 Much too young for that? 11 FOOSH
se/b07/15 Pointy shoes 4 Nail in foot
se/b07/16 twirlin' and hurtin' 9 sore arm
SE/B06/41 Knee trauma in 12 year old 12 Fall off slide