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Adobe Acrobat PDFOrganisational change
A review for health care managers, professionals and researchers.
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Visit the Adobe site to download the Adobe Reader software required for viewing PDFs.
Adobe Acrobat PDFNCEPOD Report 2005
This report looks at medical deaths on ITUs
Adobe Acrobat PDFThe Way Ahead 2005
The new version of the operational guidelines from the BAEM/FAEM
Adobe Acrobat PDFThe Emergency Department: Medicine and Surgery Interface Problems and Solutions
A document from the RCP, RCS, BAEM and FAEM looking at admission blocks
Adobe Acrobat PDFCarson Report into Out-of-Hours Care
Adobe Acrobat PDFDOH Domestic Violence
Adobe Acrobat PDFPersonnel Policies, Procedures and Guidelines
Adobe Acrobat PDFDOH - Transforming Emergency Care by Sir George Alberti
Adobe Acrobat PDFTaking Healthcare to the Patient
The DH review of Ambulance Services
Adobe Acrobat PDFNational Audit Office Report 2004
Microsoft Word documentCEM Curriculum April 2006
Adobe Acrobat PDFHealthcare Commission Report into A&E 2005
Adobe Acrobat PDFHPA CBRN Clinical Guidance
Adobe Acrobat PDFLocal Hospitals Project
Latest thinking from the National Leadership Network about hospitals in the future. Very relevant to EDs, especially those with shrinking inpatient support.
Adobe Acrobat PDFNAO Out of Hours Care 2006
Adobe Acrobat PDFMRI Emergency Department Guideline Development Guide
For Year 4 SSC
Adobe Acrobat PDFDirection of Travel for Urgent Care
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